My dad just said: at your age you’ll probably wanna try a lot of things. Boys, girls, being a girl, being a boy, being punk or goth or spunky. And im okay with that. As long as you don’t come home and tell me youre a republican

Me as a parent

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"People saw me as just a singer - yeah, a pretty face who could sing - and not more than that."

-Aaron Tveit

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the stars on the american flag are actually asterisks for all the restrictions on the freedom it boasts

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when u r smiling for a pic and the person cant get the camera to work for like five minutes while u pose 


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just because i hate me doesnt mean you can

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"i was born in the wrong century," the girl sighs as she imagines a future where women have full ownership of their own bodies

Pleasantly surprised where this went

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NO BUT wolfstar and birthdays! Sirius would give Remus lots of fancy chocolate and books and also some PUNK ROCK t-shirts, because REMUS you look SO GOOD IN THAT. And Remus would give Sirius quidditch books and hair stuff and SWEATERS because he steals Remus’ all the time and some motorbike stuff like heLMETS AND PROTECTION(!!!)

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i love laughing about the friend zone because it’s so dumb like you know most of those dudes aren’t even IN the “friend zone” they’re in the “ugh god not this dude again” zone


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Niall is One Direction’s biggest fan

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